Aerial Inspection

Infrastructure risk management and inspection with 3D/ AR advanced support. We support agriculture surveillance operations in Africa.

UAV LEASING & Licensed Reseller Program

We provide UAV on a leasing program for governments ,NGOs and private corporations only.You can become a certified Drone Africa/Algo Drone representative in your country including access to advanced technical training,support resources.

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Phoenix Lab

Social engagement is at the core of our business development strategy.We support local startups and creative minds using innovation and artificial intelligence to reach sustainable development goals.

Artificial Intelligence /Healthcare

We created Cyclop, an algorithm based on deep learning tools to detect objects and humans in drone video feeds. This tool can be used for cancer detection and diseases diagnostics with data training.

Drones for Parking /Delivery R&D

Our R&D units provide drones,UGV solutions for the parking industry,hotels and service providers in USA.

Algo 2 is our fixed wing system for long range operations from 20 km to 100 km range.

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